Privacy Policy

This document describes the types of data Slyde collects, what we do with it, and how you can manage and revoke our access to it.

Profile Information

When you sign up you provide an E-Mail Address, Username and Password. Passwords are encrypted. All other data you enter is stored in an internal database.

Slyde never displays your E-Mail address without your prior consent. Slyde never shares personally identifying information with any third party unless that third party is used to provide services. In which case:

Slyde does NOT sell any data to third parties under any circumstance, in aggregate or otherwise. Slyde takes no responsibility for any data that passes through third parties.

Profile information is displayed and distributed per your preferences.

Your Right To Be Forgotten And Revoke Access

If you would like Slyde to remove the data you've provided Slyde from it's servers, you can do that by deleting your account. One way to do that is to follow the instructions in the Account Settings section of the mobile app. Once this action is complete all personally identifying information is permanently deleted from our servers.

Data Collection

Through your use of Slyde, Slyde may collect the following kinds of data points from your usage:

Any content you generate that is visible to others can in-turn be saved by those third parties by the nature of it's visibility, per your preference. Slyde takes no responsibility for what third parties do with data or content you generate and distribute via Slyde, it's mobile app or other related services.

Slyde does not link any data it collects back to you or otherwise makes no attempt to collect data for the purpose of identifying you unless you have submitted, willingly, documentation or content directly to Slyde as a means of Identity Verification such as but not limited to becoming "Verified". Slyde never shares submitted documentation with third parties without explicit prior consent.

Third Party Anonymous Data Collection

Some anonymous usage data may be collected by third party tools Slyde uses for it's application development. No personal or specific user data is shared. Data that may be collected by third party tools are things such as number of installations of our mobile app, regions of installs and crash statistics.