1. Terms of Service (End User License Agreement or EULA)

By agreeing to and following these terms, Slyde is allowing you access to and use of it's mobile application and web client.

By using the Slyde Social mobile app on any platform, or it's related online services at https://slyde.network (hereby in these terms further referred to as "Slyde") in any way, You (as an individual or organization represented here by the person making use of Slyde) must agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.


This agreement is between you and Slyde (Anthony Bertolo and Slyde Network, Inc.) and doesn't include or superceed any agreements between You and any other entity, including but not limited to Apple, Inc, Google, Microsoft or any other organization, person or entity.

You are hereby representing that you have the legal authority to enter into this agreement and you (i) aren't located in a country that is subject to a U.S. Government embargo, or that has been designated by the U.S. Government as a “terrorist supporting” country; and (ii) You aren't listed on any U.S. Government list of prohibited or restricted parties.

Maintenance And Support

Slyd is responsible for the maintenance and availability of the app and it's assoicated services. No other orgainzation is responsible for maintaining Slyde or it's related products or services.


Slyde makes no warranty, implied or otherwise of it's availability. Slyde has no liability, implied or otherwise for any damages that may occur from the use of or availability of the application or it's related services.

Violation of Terms

Violation of any of these terms can result in one of the following actions at the descretion of Slyde or it's beneficiaries:

Although Slyde will make best efforts to inform any infringing accounts before any punishing action is taken, Slyde reserves the right to ban without prior notice. For example, if you're a SPAM bot or have been found to be defrauding other users on Slyde you probably won't get prior notice.

Slyde has no liability for anything that happens to you or your property -- including but not limited to the very device you're using to view these terms -- due to use of Slyde or the actions of other people or devices via Slyde or it's network.

2. Have Permission

You must be old enough in your jurisdiction to create an account, in most cases this is at least 13 years of age or older and have parental consent if you're not of age.

3. Don't Be Bad

Under no circumstance are you allowed to use Slyde to bring harm to other entities. Entities is broad as are these terms and stand for, but are not limited to people, equipment, networks, animals, places, napkins, etc.

You aren't allowed to make any attempts to harm Slyde's network, it's users or anything related to Slyde that can in any way harm Slyde's ability to operate.

Any fraudulent activity will be reported as required by law, so don't try it.

Automated Access

Unless covered in a separate agreement for a specific services, like a Public API provided by Slyde, you aren't allowed to access Slyde using any kind of automated service.

4. User Generated Content (UGA)

Most of the content on Slyde is referred to as User Generated Content, meaning mostly (but not completely) things posted by other users on Slyde. As such, there are some terms you must find agreeable to make use of Slyde.

You Give Slyde Rights

You agree to give Slyde the authority and permission to distribute any content you post without royalties with no expiration. Slyde will distribute your content in accordance with the preferences you set when posting or distributing content via Slyde. Slyde will provide it's best effort to distribute in accordance to the content creator preferences but makes no guarantees in this regard.

This gives us the right to distribute your photos, videos and music, per your request, to the people you want to see, hear or watch it without having to pay you for it.

Stuff You Can't Post (Obscene Conent)

You aren't allowed to post obscene or adult content publicly. Public posts on Slyde are visible to the entire world, or at least the parts that have internet access. Public posts should be made with this in mind.

You can't post anything that is illegal in your jurisdiction.

Hate Speech: In some jursidictions hate speech is explicitly illegal, public posts with Hate Speech are not allowed.

Intellectual Property: Unless given prior explicity permission, you aren't allowed to post copyrighted material where you don't own the rights to do so.

Otherwise Illegal Content: If it's illegal in your jurisdiction, you aren't allowed to post it on Slyde.

Don't Post Personally Identifiable Information About Others

You aren't allowed to post personally identifying information about others on Slyde unless you've receive explicit prior permission to do so. Personally Identifiable Information refers to but is not limited to things like someones Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.

5. Community Guidelines

Slyde is made up of many communities called Channels. These communities may have their own Community Guidelines, of which you agree to act in these communities in accordance with their posted Community Guidelines. Frequent and / or purposeful repeated breaches of Community Guidelines will be considered for disciplinary action per Section 1 (Terms of Service).

6. No False Representation

Opening or operating accounts that make it appear in any way that you are someone else is not allowed. In kind, you're also not allowed to falsely represent any entity in which you don't have prior, explicit permission to do so.

7. Third Party Beneficiaries

Apple, and Apple’s subsidiaries, are third party beneficiaries of the this agreement, and that, upon the Your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the EULA, Apple will have the right (and will be deemed to have accepted the right) to enforce the EULA against the End-User as a third party beneficiary thereof.

8. Claims

Any claims related to or directed at Slyde, it's mobile app or other related services should be directed at Slyde via the contact information in this agreement. No other party is responsible for claims relating to the use of the Slyde Social mobile application, it's services or any related product or services provided by Anthony Bertolo or Slyde Network, Inc. Any claims, including but not limited to illegal activities, distribution or otherwise as it pertains to Slyde, it's applications or it's services are the responsiblity of Slyde and should be directed to the contact information below:

E-Mail: claims@slyde.network

8. Contact

You may contact Slyde with general EULA inqueries via e-mail: terms@slyde.network


If you would like to provide a DMCA notice, please send it to dmca@slyde.network.


Slyde is operated by Anthony Bertolo and Slyde Network, Inc, located in Portalnd, Oregon of the United States of America.